Art Of Mob NFT – Hottest New Collection On Solana

Will Art of Mob be the next NFT collection to 100X? In this article,we will explore one of the hottest new NFT collections on Solana – Prime Alpha!

Take into consideration that even in the bear market there’s a lot of action happening. Especially in the Solana space:)

Before we start diving into NFTs, let us share with you the article by The Daily Hodl, where they speculate on whether Solana will overtake Ethereum. At some point, it is highly likely that this shift will happen. 

NFT Market Review

General sentiment is somewhat stable, though there’s more selling recorded.

NFT Market Sentiment
NFT Market Sentiment

Blue Chip Index underwent some bear run, but now is crawling up slowly. 

Blue Chip Index
Blue Chip Index

On the volume side, we see a dip to the downside, which is gradually shifting to the upside. Better sentiment may be expected in the coming days. 

NFT Trading Volume
NFT Trading Volume

What to buy now 

You might want to shift your attention to the blue chip collections and upcoming mints instead of the mid-level chips. Why? Because the latter will be facing liquidity issues when entering the bear market. 

In case you tend to rely on the roadmaps, bear in mind that roadmaps can be drastically revised given the recent market chaos. 

So, which collections do we consider?

Okay Bears
Okay Bears

Okay Bears is a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens released on the Solana blockchain back on April 26th at a price of 1.5 $SOL each (worth $150 on the day of the mint). The floor price at the moment of writing is 139 $SOL (~$5,300). 

Staying true to the Web3 paradigm, the founders of Okay Bears are anonymous. According to the official website, the team consists of 12 people.

This is the first time an NFT project developed on Solana has taken the top spot in sales in 24 hours.


The goal of Primates is to create a brand that facilitates a seamless adoption of the web3 space through the community fueled ventures and collaborations.

A fashion designer that has experience in running a successful streetwear brand is part of the team. This means you can expect high quality garments and experimental designs that are exclusive to Primates.

Holders will have access to exclusive holders only pieces from our collections as well as early access to drops. Having this utility for Primates holders will drive demand for our NFTs from the fashion collectors/resellers who are looking to have higher chances at scoring their favorite pieces.

  • The tentative mint date will be July 15th.
  • The collection size will now be 15,000 NFTs.
  • The mint price of 375 $DUST will not be increased.

Duppies will be a 100% WL mint.

This is an estimated breakdown of the WL allocations.

• DeadGods – 9500 Spots

• Scholarships – 3500 Spots

• DAO $DUST Pool – 1500 Spots

• [REDACTED] – 500 Spots

Magic Ticket
Magic Ticket

Magic Ticket and MagicDAO as both long term plays for Magic Eden with multi-year roadmaps. They are the way of offering community ways to engage with us as we build out proposals and programs that give back to the community. In the coming years, we plan to invest significant time, resources and effort into growing these  initiatives.

Principles for Magic Ticket:

  • Long term value > short term price
  • Broad accessibility > concentrated # of holders
  • Reward ME loyalists
Art of Mob
Art of Mob

Art of Mob is a statement of LIFESTYLE x ART x FASHION. AOM is your inner rebel. The rebel that is revealed in the form of all that is self-expression.

Art of Mob will build “The Moving Picture”, an NFT marketplace for video-based content. Powered by RobocomVR and CNTRL Movie.

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