Biggest CryptoGaming Opportunity Of 2022

Looking for the next best CryptoGaming project? In this article, you will find out about what is perhaps the biggest opportunity in this space in 2022!

The biggest opportunities could present themselves right now, if you follow a DCA (dollar-cost average) strategy. 

ApeCoin is a fairly new project. At the moment, it is quite volatile and may be considered in daily or weekly trading. If you are looking for some short term wins, ApeCoin might be interesting for you.

ApeCoin - ERC-20 governance and utility token

Decentraland comes from a $5 range and is 5x down at the moment. It has a huge market cap, which is almost fully diluted already.  This might be an easy return of investment (up to 5x) in case of market reversal. 

Gala comes from $0.7 to $0.09, so this might be an 8x win. This is still a big and hyped project. 

Illuvium is definitely an interesting project to explore, especially with the land sale that is about to happen. Coming from $1,844.23 during the bull run to $314.52 at the moment, this might be an 8x win.

Illuvium - Open-World Exploration
Illuvium – Open-World Exploration

Ultra is one of the most stable projects right now. It will not do a huge gain, however it has been keeping extremely stable even during the BTC. It’s also worth noting that Ultra has a large, loyal community. 

Vulcan Forged is also a good opportunity to consider, being a project that has already proven itself. 

Mines of Dalarnia promises up to 11x wins if BTC take off.

Mines of Dalarnia - Conquer the unknown and build your wealth
Mines of Dalarnia – Conquer the unknown and build your wealth

MyNeighborAlice, Verasity and Wilder World are very interesting opportunities, given that lower market caps have higher potential. 

Phantasma comes from $3.6 to $0.4 making it a potential 12x win.

Crabada comes from $2.9 to $0.1 making it a very promising opportunity for a 20x gain. 

Crabada - Play-and-Earn
Crabada – Play-and-Earn

At this point we have covered almost all the major crypto gaming coins with bigger market caps, so now we move to micro caps. These coins are more risky (one might even call it gambling). Many of these projects will not survive the bear market. However, there will also be projects that will be able to pull it off and you will see tremendous returns. 

Defina Finance with a Market Cap $617,084, has come down from $9 to $0.08. It is high-risk, with very low circulating supply. Based on its performance in the past, Defina may be a very interesting opportunity to gamble on.

ASPO World has only 5% of its tokens in circulation right now. This means that for something to happen, tokens should be burnt. Yet, I still think it’s an interesting project to consider.

Ninneko has been a very encouraging project, so it may also appear on the list of projects to explore.

Ninneko - play, battle, earn together
Ninneko – play, battle, earn together

Cryowar may be a great opportunity for entry at the $0.05 level. If it would return to its former glory, it may promise a 100x gain. However, the general sentiment on this project is very bearish. 

To conclude, amazing crypto gaming opportunities are available right now. It may be a difficult decision, but at some point if you make an entry into these projects, you might be rewarded with huge returns when the bull run comes. For example, if you have $10,000 stables at the moment, you may consider investing $2,000 now, and $2,000 in two weeks or so. Such a strategy will give you room to research, and also to accumulate tokens while DCAing.  

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