Biggest Launchpad Opportunity of 2022

Are you looking for your next move in this crazy market? In this article, you will find the BEST launchpad opportunities out there right now.

The market is extremely fearful at the moment, and that is where the opportunity arises. It is important to note that you can never predict the lowest low. If you are waiting for the bottom of the market, you are going to miss a lot of chances. 

One of the core principles of investing is ‘Buy when others are fearful’. Let’s explore some of the potential options in the market right now. 

DAO Maker is down 36.85%. Personally I would not be interested in this platform because I am more into crypto gaming. 

DAO Maker - Building the Future of Venture Capital
DAO Maker Logo

Seedify, for example, is extremely attractive right now. I already have a lot of $SFUND and I am going to make another entry. The question is when the bull run is going to happen – in 6 weeks, in 6 months or in 12 months. 

It is important to understand that these launchpads will continue to devalue while the market is bearish. It is not a quick flip. However, you may focus on the bigger launchpads, like Polkastarter, Poolz, PAID Network, Kommunitas, Enjinstarter (from $0.21 to $0.003), Avalaunch (from $10 to $0.9).

Kommunitas - decentralized launchpad powered by Polygon
Kommunitas by Polygon

Another one on the radar is FireStarter. The price at the moment is $0.07. This is a huge opportunity. When the market becomes bullish and these launchpads start incubating projects, a tremendous pump will happen.     

FireStarter - a launchpad for Initial Metaverse Offerings
FireStarter Logo

You need to understand that you will, potentially, also benefit from the launches taking place on these launchpads, without having to get in when the token price is high. This is why you might want to do a deep dive of launchpads that you like, but were not able to enter due to the prices before.  

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