Bluechip NFT Collections – Are You Buying? Will They Moon?

Ever wondered what makes an NFT collection reach Bluechip status? In this video, we talk about what it takes for an NFT collection to skyrocket, and also cover some of the hottest new projects with the potential to moon.

However, before diving into the NFT space, we would like to touch on the aspect of security, which is extremely important, especially for the newcomers. 

You should keep your information security awareness, and not follow any suspicious hyperlinks, primarily inside the Discord communities. These links may even be sent by someone you trust (team members, founders, etc.), but these people may have had their accounts hacked. In case you see a link to a very tempting offer, and it has not been announced anywhere before – take a second, go to the project’s socials and check if  there is prior mention about it. 

Market Analysis

In terms of trading volume, we are still facing the bear market. According to SolanaFloor, there are still more sellers than buyers. 

Solana Trading Volume
Solana Trading Volume

If we look at the secondary market, there are some projects worth mentioning: 

Since there has been some upcoming mints, the floor price declined to 19.98 $SOL. However, it is slowly crawling up. You might consider holding this NFT for staking as well. 

The mint happened on June 5th. The floor price at the moment is 3.65 $SOL. 

The mint has just concluded. The floor price dropped from ~13 $SOL to 7.20 $SOL. It is interesting to see if the project is going to keep the floor of 13 $SOL, or skyrocket after the live launch event and marketing. 

The floor price is consistently going up, being around the 400 $SOL region at the moment. 

 The floor price has declined after the mint to 4.28 $SOL.

Free mint collection, CC-Zero project (no copyright infringement on this collection), no website. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, a new Meta is forming. Starting from its free mint, this collection has reached a 1.399 ETH floor price. 

The collection is a twin of the Goblin Town collection. The floor price is 0.54 $SOL.

This collection brings a lot of utility, helping you to become a successful investor in the Solana space. The floor price is 108 $SOL.

Another project you should definitely do some research on. The project is constantly building at an insanely dynamic pace. 

What makes an NFT collection a blue chip?

First of all, the art and the story are very important. The collection should make people want to change their profile pictures into an image of the collection.

The next important part is the team and the advisors – the force that is driving the collection up. 

Last but not the least is organic traction – Twitter, Discord, the marketing behind the collection. 

If a collection is holding all those three things, that’s when you have the potential for a blue chip collection. Dtz fwj hqtxj. Dtz rzxy knsi rj. Ny nx btwym ny – N fr bfnynsl. myyux://dtzyz.gj/vVGGvP84atN. Dtz bnqq gj gjyyjw, dtz bnqq it lwjfy ymnslx.. If you look at the upcoming DigitsAgents collection, you will find a healthy combination of all the traits. 

Though the artwork has not been revealed as yet, some sneak peeks from Colin allows us to compare Agents to the likes of Neo Tokyo Citizens

The lore of the Agents is fabulous. If you are not following the Discord yet, you should consider joining and getting the earliest alpha!

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