Calo Run – Burn To Earn

Everyone has heard about STEPN, but have you heard of CALO RUN?

Calo Run - Move-to-Earn
Calo Run – Move-to-Earn

How does it work?

Calo App is essentially a clone of STEPN. You have to buy sneakers and start running to earn tokens. Then these sneakers can be improved, repaired, upgraded, and updated. Once your Sneaker reaches a specific level, you can unlock Stone Spaces and then use identical Stones to upgrade Sneaker Attributes by embedding them into the Unlocked Spaces ( i.e. only the “Lucky” Stone can enter the “Lucky” Space).

In ‘Single Mode’, the player can use an NFT Sneaker to earn $FIT tokens. Sneakers may be upgraded with gems to bring more $FIT (the same as STEPN). To use the Sneaker, the player will need to have ‘Stamina’ (each charge of ‘Stamina’ is equivalent to 5 minutes of training). 

The app also has a Challenge Mode; Calo Challenge. Each challenge in the Calo app is an interesting place in the world that you can conquer: the Sahara Desert, the Vietnamese island of Ly Son, etc. To take part in these challenges, users will need to buy a CALO Challenge ticket.

After completing the challenges, you will receive $CALO rewards. With these rewards, you can trade, bid or buy additional NFT accessories.

Apart from physical challenges, tokens may be earned when minting the Sneakers. A Shoe-Minting Event happens when users use two Sneakers they own to “pedigree”, which leads to the Show box creation. These Sneakers will be called Vintages, and both Vintages must be user-managed (not rented) and fully durable to start an SME.

Backers: Novus Ventures, BMW Capital, KOI Capital, Infinity Pad, JADE LABS, GEMS LAB, etc.


There are two tokens in Calo Run – $CALO (governance) and $FIT (in-game).

$CALO Tokenomics
$CALO Tokenomics

$FIT Tokens are unlimited and can be earned through your physical activity in either Single Mode or Challenge Mode.

$FIT Tokens are burned by: 

  • Shoe-minting 
  • Sneakers Repair 
  • Leveling up Sneakers 
  • Stone upgrade 
  • Unlocking Spaces

Shall I join the Calo Run?

Beta version is already available for IOS and Android, so you can download it and test. Players sometimes complain about shortcomings on the technical side: jogging modes do not work, problems with restoring access, delayed delivery of the registration code.  Hopefully, developers will fix the issues, and the app will go live in full swing.

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