DigitsAgents Pre-Sale Now Open – First Come First Serve!

The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The Digits Agents Presale is now open and you can take advantage of some amazing benefits, if you are early enough!

Regardless of this bearish market, we continue building! I am truly excited about being able to offer our community this early opportunity to own the ultimate key to this ecosystem – the Digits Agents

Our litepaper is now available on our website, and in it you can learn about our Ecosystem, Mission, Products, and NFT Collection. 

Digits Agents NFT Collection 

Supply: 2000

Tier 1 WL Price: 0.99 ETH

Tier 2 WL Price: 1.29 ETH

Public Price: 1.59 ETH

Expected Mint Date: June 2022

Getting Agent right now gives you  “Founding Agent” status along with the following perks:

  • $2000 discount compared to the Public Round*
  • Lifetime ‘Founding Agent’ role in DigitsClub
  • Early Access** to the Digits Headquarters DigitsClub section
  • Early Access** to TrackDigits Vesting Tracker
  • Early Access** to DigitsPad
  • Early Access to DigitsTreasury

*Based on 2 agent mint at $2000 ETH price point

**Early access compared to other DigitsAgents

Apart from that, you also get access to all future products that we are going to release. 

The Digits ecosystem has been operational for 5 months, and we’ve built 4 products. The team has grown from 2 to 36 people; you can imagine how much we can deliver if we keep building at this pace. 

Our focus will always be the members of our community and ecosystem. We remain committed to building this ecosystem that will be governed by everyone in the community. 

The first Founding Agents are already in the DigitsHQ

TrackDigits Beta will be closed on Monday, May 16, at noon UTC. An email about this change will go out to all Beta users. Going forward, you will need a Founding Agent NFT to access it. 

The Team is also hard at work developing DigitsPad, which we hope to launch very soon. DigitsAgents can also be staked here for additional points. You will also benefit from a multiplier based on your staking duration – the longer you stake the NFT, the higher the multiplier you get. 

An important thing to highlight is that this is the pre-sale, not the mint. All who commit to the presale will be able to enjoy the benefits of owning the NFT immediately, even prior to the mint. 

Once you join the pre-sale, you will be asked for your email address and Discord ID. As the second step, you will need to send funds to the given wallet address and submit your TxID (we will verify it and grant you access). You will also need to provide the wallet address which will be used for minting. It may be the same wallet used for the transaction, or a different one. After that you will receive an email with follow-up steps on how you can claim your Founding Agent status inside Discord. 

If you join the pre-sale, you can mint your Digits Agent for free once   the mint opens. You can mint a maximum of two NFTs per wallet. This is done to allow you the option of staking in both DigitsPad and DigitsTreasury for maximum benefits. 

Our NFT Art will be revealed in the coming days, along with a AAA cinematic trailer!

You are early – don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the DigitsEcosystem right now!

You can watch the full review here: https://youtu.be/mBCZNn4ZYbQ

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