Launchpads – State Of the Market (June 6)

The market continues to display bearish sentiment, with the Fear and Greed index currently sitting in Extreme Fear at 13, and the BTC price trading sideways between $28k and $32k. The one positive outcome to take is that BTC is showing its first green candle on the weekly chart, following a record 9 consecutive closes in the red. 

Fear&Greed Index
Fear&Greed Index

The Launchpad market continued to take a beating, although did show some signs of recovery, with a ~6% uplift in the last 24 hours (Source:CoinMarketCap).

The top winners gainers over the last 7 days are as follows: 

Top Launchpad Winners
Top Launchpad Winners
(Image courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

The top losers for the week are: 

Top Launchpad Losers
Top Launchpad Losers
(Image courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Upcoming IDOs:

NameInitial CapRaise GoalTGE PlatformDate
Get Kicks$ 218.75K$ 60,000Enjinstarter7 Jun
Oceanland$ 1.01M$ 288,000GameFi7 Jun
WalkN$ 166.60K$ 100,000MoonStarter7 Jun
Bridgeswap$ 63.36K$ 127,500Zelwin Finance8 Jun
REV3ALN/A$ 100,000MoonStarter9 Jun
Pyramid Walk$ 349.50K$ 250,000BSCStation9 Jun
Outlanders$ 495.00K$ 50,000Polkabridge10 Jun
Elf Matrix$ 217.00K$ 500,000Kommunitas11 Jun
Olympia$ 255.00K$ 100,000BinStarter15 Jun
ChainPerk$ 66.00K$ 50,000Kommunitas18 Jun

Source: CryptoRank

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