Make Money In the Bear Market? DAO Maker Review

How much money can you make holding DAOMAKER during the bear market? In this article, you can find a complete review of this opportunity and you don’t wanna miss it!

DAO Maker - Building the Future of Venture Capital
DAO Maker

As a result of the bearish pattern in the market over the last six months, many launchpads have been going through difficult times. DAO Maker is no different – its token has seen a slight recovery, but still hasn’t reached the level it was before. 

The main question is – what would be the main benefit if you get in at $2-3? Obviously, you will be able to participate in DAO Maker launches. Despite a bit of a slow down, there are about 8 launches lined up for the near future. Apart from that, you will also benefit from staking DAOMAKER. You can check out the staking rewards on their website.

 Of course, you want to know how much money you could potentially make by just holding the token through a bearish market – it is more a question of how long are you willing to wait. The larger market cap of this project tells us that the price could be relatively stable compared to other launchpads. 

Let’s say you got in at $3. Then you wait for the next bullish pattern, when DAO Maker would do 100% return, i.e. if you invested $1000, you end up with $2000 and benefit from the launches on the platform as well. 

Relative to the bear market you may think there are better opportunities out there, but keep in mind that once the bull market kicks off, these launchpads will start to aggressively market their services and launch more projects – the token will also become more expensive then.

You can watch the full review here:

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