New Launchpad Opportunity: DxLaunch

In this article we are going to review the upcoming launch of DxLaunch.

DxLaunch - community-driven decentralized launchpad
DxLaunch Logo

DxLaunch is a new, decentralized launchpad allowing any development team to create and launch their project, and for anyone to invest safely and anonymously. For a project to be launched, the DxLaunch community will vote to decide if they actually want to incubate the project. This means that no scam projects can be launched on DxLaunch. 

Security features:

  • Voting via governance
  • Audit & KYC
  • Liquidity (100% of the liquidity added and locked for 6 months)
  • Security Fund (1.5% of each presale to be used in case a compensation is required)
  • Vesting (tokens will be available 7 days after the presale, then released over the next 15 days)
  • Collaborators (Certik, RugDoc, Paladin)

Users can expect one pre-sale each week, which is quite bullish. 

DXL Token

DxLaunch is governed by its holders. The token allows the community to vote, invest and receive rewards from launched projects. Holders vote on which projects get to launch on the platform, can participate in presales and start live polls. In addition to this, a percentage of what is raised is allocated by contract to buyback $DXL.

The entire platform is designed to reward DXL holders through token utilities which make them attractive to investors. There is no minimum to invest, but in order to invest in a presale it is necessary to have DXL tokens staked in one of the pools that the platform offers. Each person will be able to invest in a presale depending on the amount of $DXL they have staked according to the following formula:

Total Amount = 200 + 7 * Staked DXL

Amount of $DXL staked Amount authorized to invest in USD

You will also be able to stake DXL to earn tokens from other previously launched projects. By staking DXL tokens you earn the launch project token, thus supporting that pool. 

The Community Sale starts on April 29th @ 20:00 UTC and will have 3 phases of 10 days each. 

  1. (20:00 UTC)April 29th – May 9th: Hard cap of 40,000 BUSD – Price: $0.336 (16% OFF) 
  2. (20:00 UTC) May 9th – May 19th: Hard cap of 50,000 BUSD – Price: $0.344 (14% OFF)
  3. (20:00 UTC) May 19th – May 29th: Hard cap of 60,000BUSD – Price: $0.352 (12% OFF)

The Pre-Sale will start on May 31th 20:00 UTC and last 24 hours. 

May 31th – Jun 1st: Hard cap of 300,000BUSD

Price: $0.36 (10% OFF)

The Launch will happen immediately after the pre-sale and vesting will be really quick.

If bought in community sale: 

25% after 7 days

45% after 14 days

30% after 21 days

If bought in the Pre-Sale: 

After 7 days you will start to receive your tokens every second for the following 15 days.


There will be a fee system introduced (payed by the project owners): 

  • Performance fee: 10.5%
  • Marketing for DxLaunch community: 1.5%
  • BuyBack of $DXL: 1.5%
  • Security Funds: 1.5%

Initial and Max Supply: 3,830,500DXL 

(14.7%) Locked Liquidity

(11.4%) Community Sale

(21.8%) Pre-sale

(25.8%) Marketing

(11.8%) Partners

(9.1%) Pool Rewards

(3.1%) Team & Devs

(2.3%) General Reserve

I will ask the team for the vesting schedule of the team and partners. However, the potential looks very promising. I am willing to explore these types of platforms just because of the unique opportunity. 

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