NFT Market Updates – Should You Be Buying?

Interested in the latest developments in the NFT space? In this article we are diving into the latest news on the Solana blockchain and secondary market opportunities.


There are a lot of pros when it comes to Solana – transaction speed, team, partners, vision and dynamic development. The whole blockchain seems to be designed for the NFT space given the low gas fees. 

At the same time, Solana is still in Beta. There are a lot of outages and their frequency is increasing. The last one happened on June 1, 2022 and lasted for 4,5 hours. $SOL prices soon took a hit and slumped 14% to around $38.5.

NFT Market Analysis

According to SolanaFloor, the volume and floor prices have increased slightly in the last 24 hours. 

Solana NFT Index
Solana NFT Index

Goblin Town

Goblin Town NFT Collection
Goblin Town NFT Collection

This was an NFT collection with a free mint. Without any frills, major promotions, or commercial hype, Goblin Town had a minimum value of 0.5 ETH on May 23, and by Sunday evening, May 28, it had increased by 458% (to 2.79 ETH). At the moment of writing, the floor price is 6.79 ETH.

There were many rumors that American DJ Steve Aoki or Yuga Labs (creators of BAYC) were behind the NFT collection. 

Trippin’ Ape Tribe

In our previous article we touched on this collection. Back then it had a floor price of 20 $SOL. At the moment the floor price has increased to 33.9 $SOL. 


The Gods are the legacy 6,666 collection within ‘The Fracture‘. The team and the partnerships behind it are really solid. When the SOLgods Discord was hacked, the developers assisted each and every community member who was affected. 

The floor price at the moment is 24.9 $SOL.

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