PlayZap Games – the Future of Play-To-Earn Gaming?

Is Playzap games the future of Play-to-earn gaming? In this article, you will get a full rundown of this hot new project.

PlayZap - the future of play-to-earn gaming
PlayZap – the Future of P2E Gaming

The ZapVerse is a powerful ecosystem built and powered by proven solutions and infrastructure, providing a satisfying core experience to users. Users will have a wide array of in-house and partnered games, played by thousands of people globally. Those low-skill-floor high-skill ceiling games will provide value corresponsive to the player’s skill level.


Z-Arena is multiplayer competitive technology that facilitates in-game competition, either in large pooled tournaments with thousands of players or head-to-head games.


$PZP is a utility token used to power every functionality of our ecosystem.

$PZP may be used to:

  • Participate in tournaments
  • PvP Wagering
  • Buy NFTs
  • Buy in-game items and power-ups
  • Participate in special online jackpots
  • Participate in exclusive events

$PZP will be unlocked gradually according to a predetermined schedule that will last for 36 months from the TGE. The TGE has not happened as yet – it’s being planned for Q2, 2022. The fully diluted supply is set to 150,000,000 $PZP Tokens. 

Initial Market Cap: $480,000.


$PZP Allocation
$PZP Allocation

Vesting Schedule 

$PZP Vesting
$PZP Vesting


Z-NFTs are Polygon-based NFTs using ERC-721 standard exclusively designed to offer the ultimate P2E and digital ownership experiences.

Z-NFTs are represented in the following categories: Z-Heroes (VIP membership), Z-Items (in-game utility items), Z-Land (digital land ownership in ZapVerse). 


Polygon, DAOLaunch, Darkpool Liquidity, MoonStarter, Unity, Synapse Network, Photon.


Projects like PlayZap are high risk-high reward, even though they have  tremendous utility. Simplistic games can easily gain mass adoption, especially when there is a possibility of creating mini games inside the ecosystem. You may want to track this opportunity. There will most likely be more partnership announcements closer to the launch. 

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