Reign Of Terror – Upcoming IDO Review

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Today we look at Reign Of Terror.

Reign Of Terror - Solana Web3 Game
Reign Of Terror – Solana Web3 Game

Reign of Terror is an MMO simulation game that takes place in a cyberpunk metaverse. Players go through the storyline by completing various types of missions that require collecting a diverse set of NFTs and items, represented as different game elements, such as heroes, units, equipment, blueprints, vehicles, land, a building system and unpredictable units you can bring to the battlefield.

Players interact with each other in a vertical cyberpunk world in VR. Players show off their individuality in different gameplay modes to form stronger social bonds and gain fame (or infamy). Players have interdependence with each other in the RoT economy and can earn a decent living off of it. The Reign of Terror IP carries over to real life immersion and daily interaction through AR. Bring items like weapons and other trophies into the real world.


RoT Gameplay
RoT Gameplay

Basic Loop: Set Your Team > Complete Missions > Earn Credits & Cores > Obtain/Level Up Units/Items > Level Your Team > Ascend Agents

Advance Loop: Invest in Safe Zone Land Plot NFTs > Obtain Building Blueprints > Build Facilities >Obtain resources > Support guild / alliance activities

Hard Core Loop: Invest in Terror Zone Land Plot NFTs > Raid opponent Land plots > Defend Terror Zone Land Plots > Participate in guild / alliance wars

There are two types of missions available – PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player). Missions are designed to entertain the players and depending on the type of mission, players can obtain certain parts, items and in-game currencies to advance in the game. Missions are tied to many systems including blueprints, guild and alliance systems.  

Game Economy and NFTs

Reign of Terror will feature a mix of On-Chain and Off-Chain items, and examples of the initial item types are listed below. The higher value items will be NFTs, and the lower value items will be off-chain. However, some of the Off-Chain Items could get converted into On-Chain NFTs over time, pending a vote by the DAO.

On-Chain Items

  • Unit NFTs
  • Land NFTs
  • Building Blueprint NFTs
  • Building Skin NFTs
  • Misc NFTs
  • Equipment NFTs

Only rare items will be on-chain while the more common items will not.

Off-Chain Items

  • Credits
  • Cores
  • Parts, components & catalyst items
  • Resources

NFTs will differ in terms of rarity. 7 rarity levels will be applicable, i.e. common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythical and imperial. 

$ROT Only NFTs: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

$ROT, $SOL and $USDC Only NFTs: Legendary, Mythic, Imperial.

NFT Types


The Hero is the main character type of the game and possess: 

  • Primary and Secondary Stats 
  • Can equip items: Weapon, Armor, Consumable Item, Utilities.
  • Has a hero skill tree with 2 branches to specialize in.
  • Skill tree branches are broken into Offensive and Defensive
  • Each branch has up to 9 skills and abilities
  • Player specializes in 5 of the 9 available skills
  • Some skills limit type of weapon and items choices


Agents are standard Units that help form the bulk of a Squad to support a Hero or else they can perform easier Missions on their own.

Some things to note about agents:

  • Focuses on a Primary Stat 
  • Can equip items.


Vehicle units used in racing and the battle system. Vehicles are part of the selection for a squad in PvP missions. Vehicles possess:

  • Special stats such as Speed (SPD), Handling (HND), Hull (HULL), and Shields (SHD). 
  • Vehicles have slots used for weapon and armor type modifications.


Auxiliaries act as a secret weapon of sorts in PvP missions. They provide support in the form of buffs for the squad, de-buffs for the enemy squad and other awesome attacks. Auxiliaries have the following:

  • Four Auxiliary Unit Types: Organic, Cyborg, Mechanical, Oni (they broke away from their previous cult masters and have ascended to possess powerful magic-like abilities) 
  • Each type has their own special skills (passive/active) and attack types. 
  • Each has a preferred type of enemy unit to attack. 
  • Some keep close to the squad members to offer buff and protection 
  • Players cannot control them in the battlefield


Equipment helps bring additional customization to a hero’s look, statistics and skills. They are listed in the inventory and can be equipped prior to game missions. Equipment can be created from Blueprint NFTs and can be recycled for parts.


A weapon adds to the overall damage to an Agent and may also modify damage type and element – energy based, mental (by magic-tech units) or physical based (like ballistics, metal etc.). Weapons primarily fall under melee and ranged.  They can be off-chain items as well as on-chain NFT items. Similar to equipment, weapons can be recycled for parts.

NFT Lending System helps contribute to an on-chain gig economy.

  • Players can borrow / lend NFTs, so players who can’t afford higher level NFTs can use them to play while sharing the profits.
  • The profit share can be determined by the lender.
  • This also applies to players who might not have the skill to complete certain games, so they lend NFTs to those who can so they both benefit.
  • Agents on loan cannot be fused but can accumulate experience points.

NFT Fusion System allows the player to fuse NFTs together to create a more powerful version of it, consuming the original ones in the process. 

NFT Fusion System
NFT Fusion System

More than that, NFTs will be subject to trading at the NFT Marketplace.

Lower Rarity NFTs can be bought and sold using $ROT, and all transactions made have a 5% trading fee. It can only be traded in $ROT to help increase $ROT’s overall utility and to get outside users exposure to $ROT.

Higher Rarity NFTs will have $ROT, $SOL, and $USDC options for purchase and selling. This is done to help additional outside capital to be injected in the system and to reduce potential friction by NFT collectors coming from outside the game. It will also work with Solana marketplaces to ensure there is additional demand for RoT NFTs.


Details of the tokenomics (e.g. distribution) are not revealed in the whitepaper. It is said that $ROT will be an on-chain currency. 


  •  Purchases at the NFT Marketplace;
  • Ascend any squad element NFT (requiring an on chain transaction), which burns the previous NFT/virtual elements used to produce it;
  • Exchange directly for stable coins;
  • Stake for higher $ROT yields over time;
  • Stake to form a Guild.

Genesis NFTs

Recent announcement of the partnership with Fractal (NFT marketplace  built on the Solana blockchain) accompanied the information on the Genesis NFT mint. Let’s look closely at how it will work.

Genesis NFT is a collection of 7,000 PFP NFTs. Their mint price is announced to be 0.5 $SOL (whitelist) and 0.65-0.75 $SOL (public). Mint date is TBD.

Genesis NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs to get access to a limited NFT minigame. In this minigame, players will use their NFTs for the missions with the opportunity to earn rewards, i.e. components. The latter will be used to create weapon mystery boxes. The boxes will generate weapon NFTs that players will unlock and use as in-game items in RoT missions once the game is live. 

Apart from direct utilizing, weapons will be subject to trading at the secondary marketplace.

A limited number of players will be allowed to create their own NFTs with their faces. Sounds like a great opportunity to perpetuate yourself in the blockchain space!

Genesis NFT
Genesis NFT


According to the website, the game release is planned for Q3 2022. 

IDO was planned for Q2 2022, but at the moment the exact date is TBA.

RoT Roadmap
RoT Roadmap

Seed, strategic and private rounds have already finished. The vesting schedule will be the following: 7.5% release at TGE (date not announced yet), 8 month cliff, vesting over 24 months. 

Vesting Schedule
Vesting Schedule

Team is doxed, LinkedIn profiles are available. Team experience in game development is huge and includes such companies as EA, QVOD, etc. 

Joseph William Derflinger – Founder

  • 10+ years of video game industry experience with multinational game companies in America and China (Perfect World, Chukong, GREE (Japan), Tencent, NetEase Games) and into crypto since 2017;
  • Worked on various large game titles including Arena of Valor;
  • Participated in esports for various games and heavily focuses on the user experience in both gaming and crypto.

See Wan Toong – CTO

  • 15+ years of experience with game companies in Asia and America (Electronic Arts, Softworld Amber Studios, QVOD) and 20+ years in VR/AR;
  • Worked on projects with Epic & Ubisoft;
  • Experience in crypto technology and connected with many blockchain development teams;
  • Experience in MMORPGs and other online games.

Thomas Visscher – Creative Director

  • Worked on Hollywood movie IPs: Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad;
  • 10 years experience as a professional artist mostly in games, specializing in world building;
  • Experience as a creative director and concept artist on successful NFT PFP launches on Ethereum;
  • Hardcore gamer with plenty of MMORPG experience;

Alvin Yap – Game Design Director

  • Ran his own game studio for 10 years (PC/mobile gaming);
  • One of the leading pioneers of the metaverse in Singapore through his tech company, digitizing all of the country for use in future metaverse applications with the Singaporean government;
  • Strong background in banking and economics and obsesses over strong economic systems.

Julian Khor – Art Lead

  • As a pioneer he has worked as an artist in the video gaming industry for more than 2 decades in international triple-A companies like Ubisoft, KOEI and Softworld;
  • He sculpts and produces his own bespoke collectible figurines and also collaborates with premium collectible toy company like XMStudio on projects;
  • Currently he is the program director of 3DSenseMediaSchool in Singapore for their Digital Game and Visual Art programs.

John Brackens – Advisor

  • 10+ years of experience managing large teams while helping support iconic franchises such as Call of Duty, Skylanders, Diablo and Destiny;
  • Has held distinguished executive roles including CIO, CTO and Director at Esports Entertainment Group as well as key positions at Carte Blanche Entertainment Limited and with Sparkjumpers Studios and Activision Blizzard.


Twitter – 39.7k followers

The Twitter account is update regularly, lots of contests and raffles are held there.

Discord – 8,192 members

Community is active, a lot of channels to discuss crypto related things. 

Telegram – 78,605 subscribers

All the announcements are there, so if you want to follow the updates, best channel for you to utilize.

Medium – the lore of the game, partnership announcements and more.

Whitepaper – last update was made 5 months ago, so might be not the best source to look for the information.


Overall, the art work and gameplay are designed in a great way. The developers promise to deliver AAA web3 game.

However, lack of information about tokenomics is alarming. The roadmap is not updated accordingly, which is also a disadvantage.

As usual, you need to DYOR and decide whether to join the IDO which will take place at Solanium, StartLaunch and Enjinstarter.

Those of you bullish on Solana should definitely check the project!

While researching, you can also participate in a raffle of $500 in USDT. All you need to do is check this tweet and follow the instructions. 

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