RIO-X IDO on Seedify Launchpad

Have you checked out Raised In Oblivion (RIO) X? In this article, we will do a deep dive into this new crypto gaming project launching on Seedify. RIO-X will be conducting both their private and public sale on May 10 on the Seedify launchpad. 

Raised In Oblivion First Person Shooter
RIO-X Banner

What is RIO-X?

RIO-X is the first blockchain based survival game (first-person shooter). RIO-X universe is staged in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, more specifically in Vidigal region, where the spread of an infectious disease is causing the infected people to unconsciously behave aggressively to the point of attacking others. In order to suppress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls and now, who is inside can’t get out and who is out can’t get in. It will be necessary to survive the chaos until the cure is discovered.

There will be an integration with Polygon network (MATIC), adding in-game rewards system, staking, NFTs and a metaverse.


The RIOX token is the governance and utility token of the RIOX Metaverse.
RIOX Tokenomics

RIO-X is also launching on the Trustpad launchpad. The token price there is $0.03 (public round). 

Since prices for the seed round and private sale are not yet announced, I am not comfortable with making price predictions.

Private sale will have the largest amount of tokens and the biggest gains. But it depends on the private sale price.

For me this is not an interesting opportunity, I will not participate in this IDO taking into consideration the current market conditions. Private vesting is 2 years long, which is too long-term. 

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