Solana NFT Gems – Solana Summer Continues

Looking for the hottest new NFT mints on Solana? In this article we discuss the ongoing Solana Summer, drop some absolute alpha and you won’t want to miss it!

Trippin' Ape Tribe
Trippin’ Ape Tribe

Market Analysis 

If you want to get the complete overview of Solana NFT market sentiment, visit SolanaFloor. Looking at the monthly trend, it is clear that there are currently more sellers and less buyers, and also more listings. According to the market metrics, Solana Summer is slowing down. 

Note however, that a lot of people are trying to sell in order to get liquidity. You might consider keeping your stables until the bull run that’s expected down the road. 

Let’s jump right into the 2 upcoming mints that are worth looking at and worth doing your own research as there may be a lot of upside potential.

Great Goats 

To start with, there is a lot of speculation around this collection. Some say it is going to be a rug pull, others believe it is going to be the next Okay Bears. There is a lot of potential, but at the same time a lot of risk involved. 

Release Date: June 5. 2022

Collection Size: 11,111

Price: 2.75 $SOL (~$100)

Founder/Team: Undoxed

Utility: Raffles, Staking, IRL Events 

If you want to check the NFTs out, visit their Twitter. The artwork does stand out and looks brandable. 

DYOR, and keep it on the list!

Just Ape

Release Date: June 7, 2022

Collection Size: 10,000

Price: 5 $SOL (~$200)

Founder/Team: Undoxed

Utility: Raffles, Staking, IRL Events 

There are a lot of partnership opportunities, as Just Ape is pushing hard on the branding side. Twitter contains more information on the team and partners.  

Trippin’ Ape Tribe

This project seems to be the best secondary market opportunity as of now. Two weeks ago this project was probably one of the most hyped projects on the Solana blockchain. Pre-launch whitelists were being given out to plenty of members and some were being sold outside of the Discord for up to 30 $SOL. 

Because of such excessive demand, some say that this project is drastically oversold. To check its chart, visit SolSniper – another great resource that provides analytics for Solana projects. 

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