Terra Luna 2.0 – Revival

The head of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, recently announced the launch of the core Terra 2.0 network. According to him, participants of the LUNA airdrop have already been credited with tokens – to see the balance, you need to connect to the Terra Station wallet.

Terra 2.0 - Revival of $LUNA
Terra 2.0

Terraform Labs said users can transact with liquid LUNA, including staking and trading with decentralized apps once they launch.

“Since Terra 2.0 is a different chain, not a fork, the dapps from Terra Classic will have to be restarted on the new blockchain,” underlined the developers.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit opened access to the LUNA/USDT market. Trading started at $0.5, at the time of writing the price is $6,3.

Cryptocurrency exchanges OKX, Gate.io, Bitrue and KuCoin also started trading LUNA.

Binance is distributing LUNA to users and will start trading the asset in pairs of USDT and BUSD on May 31 at 06:00 UTC.

What will Luna Classic ($LUNC) investors get?

There will be two types of payments: one for new holders and the other for old holders.

Old holders are UST/LUNA holders as of 07.05.2022.

New holders balances will be checked as of 27.05.2022.

For example, someone holding 1,000 $UST on May 27 will receive 13 new $LUNA tokens, while someone holding old $LUNA on May 27 will receive only 0.15 new $LUNA tokens for every ten thousand $LUNA.

The tokens that are being vested will be automatically staked by validators.

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